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 The fresh, warm comfort of an artisan bakery...
Nicky Cooper | Yoli's Bakery

Flour & Soul 


If you could see the inside of Nicky Cooper's heart, it would look like Yoli's bakery. Flour dusted fresh baked loaves, delicately layered pastries, mouth-melting combinations of dark chocolate & homemade custard. Savoury, woven twists and breads, gourmet pies - fresh herbs and cheeses infusing delicate aromas into artisan recipes.

The sounds of the background would be of fresh egg cracking gently into heavy rimmed ceramic bowls, the chopping of nuts and quality chocolate, hands brushing boards and surfaces with flour, all against the quiet whir of a dough mixer. Shapes pressed from flat dough, loaves rolled with firm gentleness. 


Trained in Parisian traditions, Nicky's love for artisan baking techniques is layered deep, and she pulls from the well of it on a daily basis. Her personal vision (pure and fresh, high quality ingredients, stone ground flour), coupled with a devotion to tradition and rustic precision (a handful, a pinch, a dollop) is at the heart of every Yoli's recipe.


In her own words, "Each loaf lovingly handcrafted, each loaf unique..."


Each loaf lovingly handcrafted, each loaf unique...



Yoli’s is a sentimental name to Nicky Cooper and her family, it was the nickname of her late grandmother Yolanda, which is also Nicky’s middle name.


We are best described as an old fashioned style bakery. We only use scratch recipes, no premixes. We use real ingredients like butter, actual eggs and only stoneground flour. Our methods are slow and traditional. We support local (i.e support local small businesses for our produce where we can, our flour comes from a local mill, meat from local butchery).


We believe in quality not quantity, making you favourite Daily Breads as well as a wonderful selection of artisan breads throughout the week. Some are vegan friendly, others have dairy - but every loaf is our version of a celebration of Parisian artisan baker techniques.

We look forward to meeting you in person and sharing a smile and a chat. Check out our Bake Schedule and pre-order any of your favourite artisan breads/items to make sure you leave with your arms full.

                                                                                    In warmth,

Nicky & Derryn Cooper

Our Bakery

Open Daily

Lifestyle Centre| Ballito
Mon-Sat | 8AM-6PM
Sun | 8AM - 5PM


Science of Coffee

There's nothing like freshly baked pastries - maybe a brownie or truffle...and boutique roasted coffee

At Yoli's our commiittment to quality and integrity of ingredients extends to our partnerships. In a first for South Africa, we have partnered with Science of Coffee to bring you The Science of Coffee Experience.

Located at The Market, Lifestyle Centre in Ballito - adjacent to our beautiful open viewing baking kitchen and Yoli's Bakery - the Science of Coffee Experience provides the high quality, boutique roasted coffee Science of Coffee is famous for and more.

Consistent in excellence: flavour, crema, depth and layered aromas - not only can you order a delicious cappuccino, but you can roast your own blend. Green beens are available from a variety of locations, single and ethically sourced.

At the forefront of coffee research and precision agriculture, Science of Coffee works with the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture and brings on the ground research, relationships with farmers, and expertise to bear on their coffee bean selections, brewing practices, and product choices. 

Come and taste for yourself, or have one of our trained Baristas (also part of the Yoli's Family) help you take the steps to roasting your own personalised blend.


Find out more about Science of Coffee



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