We are nothing without our staff - our wonderful Yoli's family.


The Yoli's ladies have been with us and grown in number since the beginning. And recently, with our addition of Science of Coffee at The Market in Lifestyle Centre - our Yoli's Staff Family has grown. 

Next to our commitment to authentic artisan traditions, and our deep love of rustic Parisian baking - we believe whole-heartedly in bettering our community. We employ people from our area, in most cases with no skills, work experience or formal qualifications and we train them to become pastry chefs and expert bakers. We link arms and bake through the night, sharing hours of laughter and comfort in the full-hearted silence of bakers work-space.

Come in and say hello, grab a rustic baguette or a boutique roasted, ethically sourced coffee. We'd love to see you - all of us!


Our Staff Story